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The Ministry was born in 1981 out of a vision given by God to His servant, Archbishop Dr. Joseph A. Alexander. With an initial small gathering of five in a family room in 1981, the church moved into its first property on 1497 Needham Road in the Bronx, New York in June 1984. Ever since, the ministry has continued to increase and multiply. Today it has three worship centers; a Bible College, a pre-kindergarten to 12th grade Christian School and a 2,500-seat Cathedral and Convention Center all situated in different parts of the Bronx, New York. Besides the New York centers, the ministry also has an established church in Florida.

Our Mission Statement
1. Preparing a Christ dominion centered believers to bring the Kingdom of God within the sphere of humanity.
2. Teaching the full counsel of God’s revelation as taught and administered by Christ to change human thinking.
3. Exercising the authority of the kingdom of Christ on earth.
4. Aggressively advancing the kingdom of Christ to the end of the world.

Our Churches
We are building local assemblies of believers as centers of divine worship, aggressive evangelism, spiritual warfare, powerful teaching of the word, family support, and resources gathering, which leads to a vigorous advancement of the Kingdom of God.

God has fulfilled the triangular vision that He gave to His servant in the early days of our work here in the county of the Bronx and has blessed even more.

Click here to learn more Christocracy, the doctrine of the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth through believers as revealed in God’s word.

New Covenant Dominion Cathedral

1175 Boston Road Bronx, NY 10456 Tel. 718-328-6072 Fax. 718-620-2040

New Covenant Dominion Church

3601 Eastchester Road Bronx, NY 10469 Tel. 718-519-8884 Fax. 718-519-8691

New Covenant Dominion Faith Church

1925 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10453 Tel. 718-299-5250

Who We Are

New Covenant Christian Ministries is an ambassadorial ministry representing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth.
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    Sunday Morning Worship 11:00A
    Wednesday Bible Study 7:30P

    Friday Prayer Service 7:30P
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