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Christocracy: Christ Kingdom Governance on Earth by True Followers

So long the body of Christ has struggled between two opinions concerning the kingdom of God which Christ the King established on the earth upon His resurrection. Is the kingdom for now or later? Is the kingdom in us to be manifested on the earth while Christ is in heaven or we wait? From the Day of Pentecost in the first century of the Christian Era to our present day, we have refused to recognize that Christ as the King of kings established His kingdom and that His believers, those who love Him and followed Him were to manifest the kingdom on earth. Christocracy is a revelation that capture the essence of the King's glory through His followers. Our teachers never taught us dominion and governance as Christ intended and commanded. They told us to endure and survive until He returns. This book is not presenting a revelation that was not firstly revealed by Christ the King but it is making known in the twenty-first century the revelation of Christ in a way that demand the Redeemed, the Christrocrat to rise and to govern the world for the glory of the King. The world has starved for so long and it is now demanding the manifestation of the sons of God in governance. Christocracy is the governance of the earth by Christ's legal and authentic representatives to wipe away the tears of billions and fulfill God's desire for those who have waited and continue to wait. You have never read a book like this one before so buckle up and be blessed by the revelation. After you finish reading you must act accordingly.


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