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Each Archbishop Appreciation Package is a collection of materials that have been personally developed or sponsored by Archbishop Alexander during the course of his 50 years in ministry. The proceeds from each Appreciation Package will go directly to the Archbishop as a gift, in appreciation for his years of service. We are confident that your life will be enriched by every item in the Appreciation Package, to the glory of God.



The Bronze Archbishop Appreciation Package is ideal for families as it contains materials that will be enjoyed by parents and children alike. This Appreciation Package includes:

  • 1 copy of Conquer with Your Seed: a book written by Archbishop Alexander which gives guidance on the joys and challenges of parenting in the light of Scripture
  • 1 copy of Camp David Youth Choir Album: a music CD sponsored by Archbishop Alexander and recorded by the youth choir of New Covenant Christian Ministries
    1 copy of the Believer's Growth Manual: a book written by Archbishop  Alexander which provides insight on the steps one needs to take to develop as a Christian and can be used for family devotions.
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Price: $75.00

Shipping: $6.80

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