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Travel with the Archbishop

Have you ever desired to find out more about what God is doing around the world- Outside of your zone of ministry? Or maybe outside your country? Are you burdened with the call to serve in the mission field?

Well, traveling with the Archbishop is set up to do just that. You can accompany him to great crusades, conferences, and projects that build the work of God and advance His kingdom around the world. This global apostle travels to approximately ten (10) to fifteen (15) countries in the average year and would love to have you be a part of the traveling missionary team.

Here is how it works- As you set your church calendar for the year, get in touch with our Missions office to see what specific ministries are being held in each foreign country for the year. The possible opportunities are as follows:

  • Conferences, crusades, or short-term mission assignments in India
  • Regional crusades/conferences, short-term mission program in educational training, community development program, or more in eleven countries of Africa
  • Pioneering work and partnering with churches to expand the scope of your ministry in any area including summer short-term mission in South and Central America.


Special College Students Mission

A new ministry for college and university students enables young Christocrats to discover their calling early in life or just gain experience and have the opportunity to serve the Lord in their youthful days. It builds character and exposes young people to the tremendous opportunity to make a significant difference in the world. Short-term mission programs for students are planned two years in advance allowing all preparatory assignments to be completed at least six (6) months before the program starting date.

The Missions Office can be reached at 718-328-6072 or email to mission@nccmin.org.

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