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Mentoring the Shepherds

One of the greatest challenges of our generation is shepherding the flock of God.  The enemy understands this well and that is why he works overtime to fight the Shepherd. He wants to derail the people who have been given the authority to protect, feed, and guide the sheep. The adversary operates in the principles of “I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered (Mark 14:27).”  His tactics have worked in innumerable situations around the world. But we CAN do something about it.

This is the reason that God has caused me to set up Shepherd Mentoring Ministries to care for the shepherd of the Lord’s flock all over the world. Through this ministry, teams of leaders are grouped with a seasoned servant of God heading each team. God raised these seasoned senior leaders and carried them through various experiences for the benefit of those that He is raising up. This way- the senior leaders can help mentor, prepare, and guide the other leaders of God’s work.

In every region of the world through this body, God has positioned leaders to help leaders. Mentor and mentee relationships have been established not to lord over the people of God but rather to help, enhance, share experiences, cover and minister to those who are ministering. Mentoring covers all areas of ministry- i.e. conferencing, buying or leasing of properties, incorporation, setting up leadership of the Church according to God’s revelation, financing ministries/departments, para-church programs, missions, counseling, legal issues and many more.  All ministrations are carried out according to the Word of God to protect and defend the integrity of the work that the King has entrusted to His people.  To be a part of this mentoring family, please contact us at 718-328-6072 or email to Mentoring Services – mentoring@nccmin.org.


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New Covenant Christian Ministries is an ambassadorial ministry representing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth.
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