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The New Covenant Global Network of Ministries was designed to increase the levels of partnership among Churches and Ministries of like faith who are committed to evangelization of the world in our time. It is non-denominational but Christ kingdom centered in its doctrine and practices. The affiliation at all levels allows resources to be shared regardless of the region of the world the ministry is established in. Global affiliation also establishes regional accountability and responsibility enhancing effective utilization and maximization of limited resources.

The greatest challenge that faces the work of the Lord today is how we reach the masses of our population in the midst of religious polarization, ethnic pride and national priorities. The answer lies in partnership with God’s people all over the world regardless of ethnicity or nationality. Therefore, affiliation allows or enables a more effective outreach which would not be possible through a single denominational approach.

West Africa
New Covenant Ambassadors Foundation Nigeria
The goal of this foundation is to reach the rural communities through direct involvement in their problems, such as a desperate need for clean drinking water, village Clinics, literacy program, etc. Presently, the Lord has allowed us to provide drinking water to thousands through well digging and building tanks in the South Eastern part of the country. But there is still so much more to be done. Won’t you consider becoming a covenant partner with us?

The Foundation’s Office in Nigeria
Administrator: Min. Francis Udoetok
Plot 147 Ewet Housing Estate,
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

East Africa
Albeit our headquarters are in Kampala, Ugandans coordinate the work in Uganda, Sudan borders, Tanzania and parts of Kenya. This region has suffered greatly from poor leadership, disease and sickness. But through major efforts in crusades, church & school planting, and leadership development, we are raising an army of God that will not bow to the Kingdom of Darkness. Over fifty percent of Pastors in the region, particularly Uganda, are under the age of forty (40) due to the experiences they have gone through. However, along with their zeal for the Lord, must be solid mentoring. Through the support/fellowship network, we invest in the lives of these men and women of God, so that they can grow and understand their responsibilities to the kingdom of God and people of their region.

Contact Address in Uganda
Rev. Steven Seybala
CFM Covenant Center
P.O. Box 8468
Kampala, Uganda

Contact Address in Rwanda
Samedi Theobald, Apostle
Miracle Centre Churches In Rwanda
New Covenant Domain
P.O. Box 3645
Kigali – Rwanda

The New Covenant Welfare Society
Indian local churches in the states of Andra Pradesh, Bihar, Orisa, Assam, and New Delhi are serving as Pentecostal Fellowship Churches & the Bible College of Ministries. We have over 143 local assemblies throughout India. We also have Christian schools in the states of Andra Pradesh and Vishakhapatnam.  In Bihar and Achanta, to the glory of God, the level of schooling is primary through high school, in addition to an orphanage center.

Our Contact Address in India
Bishop Dr. A.G. Thankachan
College of Ministries
Dairy Farm Post, Vizag – 530 040
Website: www.pfccmindia.org



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New Covenant Christian Ministries is an ambassadorial ministry representing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth.
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